Spiritual Birth

Psychological Death

Sacrifice for the Humanity


This lecture is the Synthesis of all the work for the Self-Realization of our Being. In order to revolutionize ourselves, we count with three forces: The force of the Father, the force of the Son and the Force of the Holly Spirit. But we must understand all what this means:

The Father is the Wisdom and is the beginning of everything

The Son represents the Justice

The Holly Spirit represents the Power

·The Father is related to the Wisdom and manifest in ourselves when we teach or sacrifice ourselves for the others. We will call this Sacrifice for the Humanity.

·The Son is in charge of Justice. This means that the objective of this part of our Being is to Liberate and Balance. And manifests when we liberate our consciousness, by means of the Psychological Death.

·The Holly Spirit: Is our Divine Mother, the Creative Energy. And gives us the Power to create our bodies through sex and the wise use of the Energy. We will call this procedure Spiritual Birth

These three parts of our Being will do the Revolution of the Consciousness when we work on any of the activities related with each of them.

* The First Factor is Spiritual Birth

* The second factor is Psychological Death

* The third factor is the Sacrifice for the Humanity (Serving humanity)


Spiritual Birth means the creation of the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being. We speak in terms of creating the Seven Bodies, since they have to be created, same way they our physical body was. By means of sex.

To practice the Spiritual Birth it is necessary to have a stable partner with whom we can permanently work on sex. It must be only one, it can´t be multiple, since this will adulterate the work. The partner must be willing to collaborate and to know the work that will be done.

For this work we must learn to value the Creative Sexual Energy, since with it we will perform the whole creation

The place were sex will be practiced is the Bridal Bed or Altar, this is a very special place and we must take care of it a lot, so that forces don´t get mixed into it. The room must be on magnificent conditions of hygiene and ventilation, free of noise (thundering music) and television. It can´t be more people sleeping on the same place. It is necessary to have a room designated for this.

Before getting started with the practice of Spiritual Birth we must make some preparations:

1. Do the Belilín conjuration and the Magic Circle (In order to be protected from any evil forces) (Read lecture number 7)

2. Ask the Inner Father and the Divine Mother to assist you during the practice

3. Kindle fire with kisses and caresses, in order to achieve the perfect lubrication of the Feminine Yoni

4. Penetration of the Lingam (Penis) into the Yoni (Vagina)

5. Start a Respiratory Process to transmutate the matter into energy. This procedure consists of three stages: 

          1. Inhalation: (20 Seconds). Imagine the air entering your lungs and then direct it to your                sexual glands.

          2. Retention: (20 Seconds) Imagine and feel a golden thread that ascends along the spine            until it reaches the point between your eyebrows

          3. Exhalation: (20 Seconds) slowly vocalize by prolonging the sound like this: IIIIIIIIIIIIIH,  AAAAAAAH, OOOOOOOH. Vowel after vowel, starting a new respiratory process for each          one.

Keep in mind:

The practice will be prolonged during all the time the couple wishes and must disconnect without spilling the Creative Sexual Energy

This practice will be done only once per night

With patience, prudence and persevering we will move forward vertebra by vertebra and body per body

SECOND FACTOR: Psychological Death

Psychological Death refers to the liberation of the Essence or Creative Sexual Energy, which at the moment is trapped by the psychological “I” or ways of being of oneself.

In order to start the process of the Psychological Death we must learn to Auto-observe ourselves and this is the most difficult due to the mechanicity on which we find ourselves.

It is necessary to knowing how to differentiate the actions of the Ego, the actions of the Personality and the Acts of the Consciousness.

What can we observe at the Inner World?

1.       The different thoughts

2.       The inner chat between Selves

3.       Pleasant emotions

4.       Unpleasant emotions

5.       The emotional states we find ourselves

6.       Mechanical reactions

7.       Everything that alters us, any situation at the physical world

When one discovers any of these manifestations we are conscious of what is happening internally. The we ask the Divine Mother to disintegrate the defect or Self that manifested.

As we work on a serious way with this procedure we will liberate the Essence, balancing the centers and awakening the Consciousness. Each time we will see much more small and insignificant details, which will shows us the advance.

The sense of Auto-observation will start to progressively sharpen as we use it until we fully awake.

An Example: I´m going down the street driving quietly, when reaching the corner another vehicle suddenly cresses me. If at this instant I don´t identify myself with what happening, I will be able to observe all what happens in the inner world. Let´s see:

* It appears a Self that tells me “Shout to him!, stupid”.

* Another “Who does he believe he is?

* Another “Go after him”.

* I observe that I have a desire to fight.

* I observe that my emotional center is contracted.

* I observe a Self that wants revenge.

* I ask myself: Who taught him to drive”?

* I think: “I wish he crashes”.

* Another tells me that he could have scratched our vehicle.

* I can´t stop thinking about this

* “Such an irresponsible person” says another Self

* Other Selves make different comments about what occurred

* I feel resentment because of what occurred

Sometime after I still remember the event:

* I still have anger

* I can´t forget what happened

* I feel weakened

Other Examples:

A pretty woman passes by close to one. If I Auto-observe myself I discover the Selves on my head that are idealizing her, if I observe the Emotional Center I notice that I feel in loved with her. When I observe the Instinctive Center I notice the attraction to her and finally at the Sexual Center I can observe the unmistakable reaction of sex.

What do I have to do? When observing that I’m idealizing her I ask for the elimination of that detail. When observing that I’m falling in love I ask for the elimination of that feeling and when observing the Sexual and instinctive sensation I ask for the elimination of that Self.

This process is denominated Ongoing Death and demands to be all day vigilant and alert to notice about each detail.

If I sit for a while to reflect about the different events of the day and the states on which I found myself, I can make new discoveries and continue to ask the Divine Mother to eliminate each thing that I comprehend. This procedure is denominated as Reflective Meditation. And helps us to liberate great amounts of consciousness.

THIRD FACTOR: Sacrifice for Humanity

The Sacrifice for Humanity is to share and spread this knowledge over the whole humanity without expecting anything in return. Without race distinction, skin color, wealth, poorness, social position, etc.

The Knowledge has to be delivered completely free, otherwise is not a sacrifice but a business. No one would have means to pay this knowledge.

Wisdom is the beginning of everything. If we don’t receive it we die being ignorant of the reason of existing itself. If we reflect about this and value the Knowledge that we have, we will realize about a great responsibility this represents. Imagine that all our brothers sleep, without even knowing what they exist for, this causes horror in oneself.

The knowledge has to be delivered pure and clean, without removing anything, without mixing it with other pseudo-esoteric or subjective knowledges.

Some reasons to practice Sacrifice for Humanity

1.       The reason for the Being to be is the Being itself

2.       Stop being selfish, remove selfishness from ourselves

3.       A work of love is nourished with love

4.       Each self has its own debt, if we don’t have means to pay it, we get stuck.

5.       We ow Karma from 7 existences, if we intend to self-realize we need to pay it all.

6.       When one owes much needs to have great incomes.

7.       When one sacrifices for humanity receives Dharma

8.       Sacrifice generates the merits of the heart to be able to advance.

9.       What goes around comes around. If we don’t give anything we don’t receive anything.

10.   Whoever gives wisdom receives wisdom.

11.   Whoever possesses something and doesn’t give anything from what he owns, Even the few he has will be taken away from him

12.   The merits of the heart allow us to advance with the work of Spiritual Birth

13.   If a person teaches, each time that he teaches will comprehend something better.

14.   The selfish person advances very slowly, or even very little.

15.    Each time we help our Father to share the Knowledge, then He teaches us something.

16.   Each time we repeat the cycle of lectures we comprehend it better.

17.   If we are teaching we start to create a center of gravity in relation to the Esoteric Work.

18.   If we stop teaching we get cold and stuck with the other two factors.

19.   The different Selves want us to forget about this work. If we don´t teach it is what finally          happens.

Different ways do Sacrifice for Humanity

1.       Inviting friends, relatives and people we know.

2.       Inviting unknown people.

3.       Delivering flyers and pasting posters.

4.       Doing publicity or publicity campaigns.

5.       Preparing ourselves to teach.

6.       Train teaching in order to lose the fear that won´t let us do anything.

7.       Doing the introduction at the lectures room

8.       Dictating the lectures.

9.       Opening lecture rooms to teach the Knowledge there.

10.   Preparing people so that they can continue teaching.

11.   Motivating people so that they start practicing the Three Factors.

12.   Directing the groups that have been organized.

13.   Awakening to be able to orient them.

If we prove the strength that is received when sharing this Knowledge, we will start to form a group that will allow us to have a Center of Gravity on the esoteric work.