(Psychological Death)


This chapter is esoterically entitled ‘The Death, because whoever begins to disintegrate his Psychological Defects begins to leave the circle in which all of humanity is stuck. Then, when he is invited to do any misdeed, the rest of the people will say: “This person doesn´t work for anything is death”, because does not follow the path of the rest of the humanity


Every human being carries within a Divine Spark that is called Soul, Buddhata or Essence. Well, it has different names; but in reality it is a Divine Spark, which impels us and gives us the strength to embark in the spiritual work, like the one I am teaching you here. That Essence or Soul is trapped within all of our evilness, defects or psychological selves, which esoterically is called Ego. Those selves are the ones that do not allow the Essence to manifest itself freely, because they are the ones that cry out noisily and take control of the person. Now, with the work of the disintegration of the defects or selves the Essence starts to grow, it becomes stronger; it begins to manifest itself with more clarity, with more strength. It starts converting into Soul.”


I´m going to give an example: this tree is standing on its main roots, they do not feed it but hold it against the wind and its own weight to not fall down, to not fall apart. And it´s very small roots are the ones that extend throughout the rest of the ground and absorb the sap to nourish the tree.

Likewise behaves our particular Ego and the Ego of the humanity. The thick roots that hold the tree symbolize the capital defects, like lust, revenge, wrath, pride and others. The small roots symbolize the details, those little manifestations that belong to this or that defect, that we don´t consider a defect, however they are its nourishment. The Ego nourishes by means of all those tiny details that we have in great amounts.

We must begin by Self-observing ourselves to see the thousands and thousands of negative details that we have that are the ones that nourish the trunk. This is the formula to be applied by anyone that wants to be saved form the upcoming disaster: Get to take off the nourishment of that tree, which are the tiny roots. Negative details such as the bad thoughts, hatred, the envy the one feels towards other persons, the ambition, pick up coins we find on the way as when walking and insignificant things, tell lies, say words full of pride, the greed, etc., basically all this things that are negative in deep we must begin to disintegrate them seriously.

There is another Divine Spark that is called the Divine Mother, whose mission is to disintegrate the defects with a spear that she possesses. Even if very tiny the defect, we must ask the Divine Mother: “Divine Mother, take out of me this defect or disintegrate it with your spear”. She will do so, because that is her mission, to help us that way to start getting liberated. This way the tree stops growing, instead, it starts to be de-nourished, and get dry.

What I teach here is to be practiced, to the area of facts: wherever we go, as we work or whatever we are doing, we must pay careful attention to the mind, heart and sex. These are the tree centers through which all defects manifest, and when they are manifesting at any of the centers, right after it takes place the request to the Divine other for her to proceed to disintegrate it.

With this work that I´m teaching about the Death of the Ego, we acquire scientific chastity and learns to loving humanity. Whoever does not work with the disintegration of the defects will never achieve the chastity, nor will achieve to feel love to the others because he doesn´t love himself.

The disintegration of the defects and the astral projection are the only formulas for the rescuing.

Example: A teenager is invited to go dance at a party, she ask her mom for permission and the mom denies it to her. Let´s imagine the inner reaction:

·         She feels frustrated.

·         Becomes angry.

·         The self-love reacts.

·         She compares herself with her friends.

·         She doesn´t want to obey.

·         One Selves suggests her to insult her mom.

·         Another self wants to argue.

·         Another Self cries.

·         Another Self shouts and replies with anger.

·         Another Self wants to punch her.

·         Another Self wants to fight and argue.

·         Another Self wants to push her mom.

·         Another Self is afraid about her boyfriend reaction.

·         Another Self gets concerned about other girl dating his boyfriend.

·         Another Self is concerned about what her friends may say or think.

·         Another Self imagines how a good time they could have had.

·         Another Self wants to get drunk

·         “I shouldn´t have said anything to her” says another Self

·         She gets even more angry

·         Another Self wants to dance

·         Another self feels bored

·         Another Self wants to smoke.

·         Another Self feels locked.

·         Another Self wants to suicide.

·         Another Self says: “Such a boring life”

·         “Why was I born in this family”

·         Another Self feels resentment against the mom.

·         Another I wanted to have caresses with the boyfriend.

·         The Self of lust protests.

·         The Self of hatred feels a lot of rancor against the mom.

·         Another says: “One day I will take revenge”.

·         Another Self: “I won´t forgive her”.

·         Another Self: “My dad will give me permission”.

·         Another Self proposes: “We better leave the home”.

·         Another Self says “I´m scared to leave home”.

After some time have passed the young girls continues to recall all the suffering that her mom caused to her, still wants to take revenge, and doesn´t get tired of telling everyone how bad her mom is, etc.